The One Show: The Chip that Rocks!

The One Show is an annual advertising competition in which there is a college division. Erica Cardinas, (an advertising major at SCAD) served as creative director and pulled filmmaker Chloe Lipp to direct the commercial titled, "The Chip that Rocks!" Chloe approached me to shoot the project. I was pretty busy (shooting three short films in ten weeks) but I jumped on the opprotunity for a smaller scale shoot, a one day gig.

Although the video did not place in competition, it was a good experience. As far as lighting: I mainly used 1k's highly diffused in chimeras with red or blue party gels to replicate the light that neon bar signs give. I had my units usually hung from a grid on the ceiling.

The contest deadline hurried the special effects work (chips in jukebox, etc.), which in my opinion needed more time. The commercial is 60 seconds, but I think it would have benefited having a 30 second re-edit. It is what it is.

Plot: Older woman is eating Doritos and decides to insert a chip into the jukebox, which starts to wail rock music from the late 1960's- early 1970's magically taking the woman back to her youth. The younger girl dances around the bar. The places 'heats' up, and finally the jukebox rocks too hard, and the dorito flies out from the coin slot and into the mouth of the girl.

Here are some frame grabs from the Quicktime file I recieved:

Enjoy! -rpo

As of the writing of this post, there is a YouTube copy of "The Chip that Rocks." Watch it HERE

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