My Dear Friend: Update

An update on the Andrew Cherry film, My Deer Friend. You may find the original story on MDF HERE. I served as camera operator.

Since the Deadcenter Film Festival in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, My Deer Friend has played:

Savannah Film Festival (Savannah, Georgia)

First Sunday Comedy Film Festival (NYC, New York).
It won the Judges and Audiences' award at this festival.

Etiuda and Anima Film International Competition (Poland)

My Deer Friend has been accepted to, but has not yet screened as of this date (01-14-09):

Oxford Film Festival (Oxford, Mississippi)

Smogdance Film Festival (Los Angeles, California)

Macon Film and Video Festival (Macon, Georgia)

The director is awaiting to hear back from other Film Festivals on whether they have accepted MDF.

The film is available online (http://www.filmbaby.com/films/3147), at ShopSCAD, and ExLibris, the campus bookstore. A copy of the film is on display at the Savannah Airport in the SCAD display case.


Savannah Film Festival 2008

During the annual Savannah Film Festival, (held in Savannah Georgia), SCAD held its student showcase which "features film and digital media work by several of the college's most talented students."

In the indefinite wisdom possessed by my alum college, SCAD, they did not post a schedule within the showcase. From sources who I have spoken to, it seems at least three of the films I shot were showcased this year. "A Song For Anna", "Reflection", and "A Kiss Goodnight." The film "My Deer Friend", on which I served as camera operator, played during the festival in addition. The student Showcase is part of a promotion effort for the schools department of Film & Digital Media.

For more information on the Savannah Film Festival please check out: http://www.scad.edu/filmfest


A Song For Anna: Awards?!

"A Song For Anna" was a short film I shot early 2008. I served as the Director of Photography. The director, Eli Catzoff had submitted the short film into several festivals, many of which we have not heard back from yet.

There have been some positive news thus far, "A Song For Anna has been accepted to the Dam Short Film Festival" in Boulder City, Navada. More info on the festival can be found here:

I am not sure what we stand to gain at the Dam Short Film Festival, but exposure is priceless, so if I am free from work, I might make the trek to Nevada and see how people like our film.

In other news, we apparently won some kind of award from a 'Christian Film Festival' that our college had submitted us to without our knowledge. I am not sure what we won or the exact name of the festival, but according to sources we won something...cool.

Stay tuned for more, as we have many festivals yet to hear back from.