"My Deer Friend"

"My Deer Friend", a film by Andrew Dean Cherry, was selected by the 2008 deadCENTER Film Festival and screened in Oklahoma City, on 8:00pm June 8th 2008. If you are unfamiliar with the deadCENTER film festival, their goal is to:
"promote independent film arts. As filmmakers and film fans, we constantly work to bring independent films and independent filmmakers to Oklahoma City. So whatever your taste, you’re sure to find it here."
The film was shot by my good friend Nathan Blair, who did a great job. I served as camera operator, as well as providing the camera package. The shoot was quite hilarious considering the lead actor, Josh Jones, was opposite a 'puppitized' deer head. I have yet to meet one person who has not laughed helplessly at the awkward moments between boy and his best deer friend.

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