Justina Carubia- "Formula" Music Video

Formula; Justina Carubia

An old roomate of mine contacted me about shooting a short music video for his sister, Justina Carubia, an independent singer/songwriter. The project was brought to me a bit last min, but it turned out pretty good. I had to steal the directors hard drive to get this less then presentable compressed video of the edit, although the quality is worse on her website.

This was shot in one day with minimal preproduction work. The main gem of this video is the 360 degree spinning camera glidecam work. From the stills below, much of the moving camera and dancing movement is lost, and that was what made the video worth watching. The film was edited and sent out despite my wanting to color correct it.

EDIT: (June 29th 2008) The director wants to sit down with me this summer and finally color correct! I'll be sure to replace pictures with new ones, and erase all this mumbo jumbo when I do.

Enjoy the stills,

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