A Song For Anna: In the News

Ms. Blatty (first name slips my memory), a journalist for Connect Savannah, visited our production as we filmed the climatic storm scene in a local sand quarry. It was freezing and around 5am-6am (because I needed to shoot the scene before daybreak). Needless to say, she was a good sport, and joined us at Eli's house after wrap. After Eli's interview, we were all sitting around making small talk. She began telling us that her father had worked in movies. In the back of our minds we were all expecting another, 'my nephew goes to film school' or my brother 'works in hollywood' story. She continued to tell us that the screenplay he wrote didn't do so well at first, but when he turned it into a novel, it became a best seller and then everyone wanted his screenplay. It was at this time my attention and interest peaked. As it turns out her father is Academy Award winner William Peter Blatty. The last time I underestimate a 'I know someone in the industry' story!!!

Read her article, "15 Minutes of Apocalyptic Fun" If the article is no longer available, I have screenshots located below. Please click on them, and they should enlarge!


P.S: You should be hearing about this film in the upcoming months. The film 'A Song for Anna' had a phenomenal cast and crew. I am not going to break out in an academy award speech, but my gaffer Andre Danylevich, did an amazing job and Eli would always try to get me whatever I needed to get the job done. In the end, we have a movie that everyone can, and is, proud to be a part of. I'm sure you will hear more about this film in the future.

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