C-SPAN's 2004 Campaign Cam

Documentary Competition!

In 2004, as the November Presidential election was approaching, C-SPAN hosted the "C-SPAN 2004 Campaign Cam Student Documentary Competition". Students from around the country were challenged to make a documentary on a campaign topic they found important.

I, along with two fellow students (Eric Anderson and Stephen Lightner), teamed up and created our documentary on the topic of 'Censorship'. We interviewed top Civil Rights attourney, Avery Friedman, Congressman Sherrod Brown (now Ohio US Senator!), WDOK Cleveland Radio personality Trapper-Jack, Ohio Board of Education Member Dr. Debrah Owens Fink, and conducted many random street interviews.

Out of the 700 middle school & high school entries, 'Censorship' won third prize, placing between 6th and 12th for high school entries, and securing a spot to be aired on network television! Seeing my documentary air multiple times on C-SPAN was a great experience and one of the key moments of my highschool career.

Surprisingly, C-SPAN still has the '2004 Campaign Cam' website running and the videos (poorly compressed) can still be viewed if you have a compatible player. Please note the date of this post. If the links no longer work the website has most likely been taken offline.

2004 Campaign Cam Student Documentary Competition

3rd Prize Winners Listing (6th-12th Top Documentaries)

2004 'Censorship' Documentary

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