Indie Spirit Film Festival: Reflection

***Attention! You are not seeing double! ***

Update regarding the film "Reflection" (2008)
Director: Dan Dowding
Directors of Photography: Alex Winter & Ryan Patrick O'Hara

Reflection has recently been accepted
to the Indie Spirit Film Festival!!!

Something look familiar? Yes, this post is almost identical to my last post because now there are TWO films I shot last year which will be showing at the 2009 Indie Spirit Film Festival!!! With two films in the festival, I have recently considered going... although, as a D.P., going to festivals usually just results in squirming around in the theater, as the film is projected with improper color or black levels!
"The Indie Spirit Film Festival is an annual event for filmmakers (professionals and students) and film lovers alike, with a superb program of feature films, shorts, docs, animation, and many other films from around the world."-ISFF website

From the Indie Spirit Film Festival email:
"Congratulations! We are excited to invite "Reflection" to screen at the 2009 Indie Spirit Film Festival over the weekend of April 24-26, 2009. On behalf of everyone involved in the festival, I wish to thank you for selecting Indie Spirit Film Festival to show your work."

The Indie Spirit Film Festival is an annual festival held in Colorado Springs, Colorado. A Song For Anna was accepted into this years festival which will be held April 24th-26th, 2009. Stay tuned for more information!


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