The Second Choice Finds Legs

It has been awhile since my last blog update. I've been very busy shooting a feature documentary and some narrative work as Director of Photography all while working countless music videos, features, shorts and commercials as a camera assistant. Phewwww.

Update time!

The Second Choice, directed by Alberto Belli, 
continues to swarm the festival circuit.  The Second Choice was accepted and recently shown at the Southern California Business Festival. The festival showcases films which have a strong business theme. The Second Choice won multiple awards, among them Best Female Performance and Best Incorporation of Business Elements, one of two Top Prize award categories. Congratulations goes to Brenda Canela for her acting award, and to Alberto Belli for the impressive win.

The Second Choice has also been accepted to the 17th annual San Diego Latino Film Festival, which will take place early-mid March. Updates will be given when I find out more!

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