Panavision Panaflex-X... that is really a Gold.

I'm helping a fellow cinematographer, Rainer Lipski, as a 1st AC on a student thesis film he will be shooting this following week. We are shooting 35mm Fuji film on a Panavision Panaflex-X camera... that isn't.

The Panavision Panaflex-X is much like the Gold, GoldII and Platinum packages, but has some key differences. First, it's not a handheld camera. The eye-piece is non-removable and studio configured. Second, it's a bit louder than the other cameras and does not have pana-glow. It also has a modified door, because of the long, non-removable eye-piece.

However, the Panaflex-X we are using has been so highly modified, I would venture to say that it is a Gold or Gold II at this point. The serial number says it's a Panaflex-X, but it has a much more updated video tap, a removable eye-piece and what looks like a GII door. If it hadn't of had a Panaflex-X serial plate, I'd have thought it was a Gold or GoldII and probably bet good money on it.

Here is a picture of the camera in full beast, studio mode:

I was sort of looking forward to using an original Panaflex-X, as I had never used one, (nor seen one) and that is something considering I used to work at Panavision! I don't know if any Panaflex-X's with the original build still exist, but I am beginning to doubt it. If they can easily up-grade them to GoldII like function... it would make absolutely zero sense to keep the original Panaflex-X's in the field.

More on this project later!

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